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Question about SSD's and Partitions

Partitions don't necessarily matter, as you can split a drive into multiple logical partitions. Typically, though, you want your most demanding applications on the same physical drive as your OS. AFAIK, not having so incurs no "penalty", it's just that the application wont get the bonus of the SSD.

With SSDs, the best course of option is to know what you're putting on there. SSDs have finite write cycles (it's still years worth of writes). This is why I don't rememond that people install everything. Programs like WMP and even web browsers, don't really benefit all that much from the SSD, so you use a junction to make all of that moved over to the HDD. If you also offload things like the cache and temp files, you will make more space available on the SSD as well as increase its longevity.

TLDR version: make your HDD the default install location, but then use the SSD for your games and demanding apps. If possible, be selective of your MOST demanding apps to go onto the SSD, so you can have room for more of those apps.

What is a good Ram for Windows Vista

yes this is kinda a follow up from my "whats a good graphics card" forum anyway right now i think i have 4gb of ram and i would like just want 1gb or 2 more so how much would that be in money also heres my systems specs:

Operating System: Windows Vista™ Home Premium (6.0, Build 6002) Service Pack 2 (6002.vistasp2_gdr.101014-0432)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: Compaq-Presario
System Model: FQ582AA-ABA SR5710F
BIOS: Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) Dual Core Processor 4450e (2 CPUs), ~2.3GHz
Memory: 3326MB RAM
Page File: 1415MB used, 5461MB available
Windows Dir: C:\Windows
DirectX Version: DirectX 11ard name: NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT
Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Chip type: GeForce 9400 GT
DAC type: Integrated RAMDAC
Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0641&SUBSYS_00000000 Display Memory: 1904 MB
Dedicated Memory: 497 MB
Shared Memory: 1407 MB
Current Mode: 1440 x 900 (32 bit) (60Hz)
Monitor: Generic PnP Monitor
Driver Name: nvd3dum.dll,nvwgf2um.dll,nvwgf2um.dll
Driver Version: 8.17.0012.5896 (English
Driver Date/Size: 7/10/2010 05:37:00, 9818728 bytes

Time is Money - Make money with your iDevice (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

Make money with your iDevice (iPhone, iPod, iPad)
1. Navigate to m.appredeem.com You must do this while you are on your iPod / iPad / iPhone.
2. You will now have to register an account on this site simply click "Signup for free" or navigate to m.appredeem.com/signup. Note! The email you use must be the same as your PayPal email.
3. They will now ask you to install their "Bookmark". Just follow the instructions and install it.
4. You will not be redirect to download your first app, this usually pays ~$0.15.
5. Sometimes it will ask you to confirm your locating using your cell phone, simply enter your phone number and you will receive a text message with a code. Then fill in this code.
6. Now when you have completed this you will be taken to a larger list with offers.

Talk for free, no one can intercept your (record)

Hello everyone ...
I go directly to the subject.
May we soon learned from CNV as many phones as withdrawn from the market because they have a bug in a simple phone call can turn into a phone like the Nokia 1110, I did not mind because I knew that in that phase with 1110 nothing was repaired and now you have that phone.
After a month I was able to keep that phone in hand and I could not believe what your phone can do.
When you call on that phone and hears the tone that callers press a button and hear what is vb around without answer your phone, or when you call and activate the bug to listen to what is vb everything that goal without being charged. Now the thing is you can not be registered or intercepted (a word) you can not hear the phone every rule or SRI DIICOT etc. But this does not interest me at the moment when the bug is activated (refer here to those who have experience) EMI screen displays phone call or that you call. Phone bug is EMI and I understand that if you can hear live cloned that vb tel. ADK whom you can listen to what vb tel.
The phone is simple some of you probably already know and for those who do not know a few months to know when to sell a $ 10,000.
Frankly in my phone company that produced it should be closed for the safety of all. I've seen on television at various VIPs in parliament phone up even now I figured out why.
All you say is the text by me.

I already bought two pieces work perfectly, but EMI's cloning I know.
If I can help with the NSC to write programs that can help you phone software with more information.

It does not really say I sold my bag or just a good offer made in March to give them as ADK so you can listen to or listen to talk without you.
As I said, everything is tested.
You can free vb max 30 s.
you to talk without being intercepted and 30
vb illegal can listen to people calling you or those you call without having to answer or answer phone. (and without being charged)
Waiting for your questions.
We returned in addition, PTR can also use the TAM finding exactly what was nokia 1110.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Transition from Windows to Linux

In this article I'm going to share some of the advice that you should consider before making the switch from Windows to Linux. Let's call this list of tips and mistakes "little bible for beginners in Linux." I can not guarantee but I can say that will make the transition to Linux easier. I think that if new users would know to omit some mistakes everything would be much simpler. A list of these mistakes would be:

1. To believe that Linux is like Windows

It is one of the worst mistakes that absolutely all new Linux users do. Most users do not even know how to correctly define the word "operating system" not to say that many did not even know what the differences are between Windows XP or Windows 7, which is a kernel, which is a system file hierarchy operation and so forth. Linux is not Windows, Linux is a kernel basis for other operating systems such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint and other distributions. These two systems are completely different similarities are only in their GUI and all.

2.So try to make the files. Exe to run in Linux.
I must admit that this was the mistake that I did it myself. Linux does not require files. Exe to install or run programs. Actually this is also the strength of Linux and one of the main reasons why Ubuntu and other Linux distributions are so safe, they do not run files. Exe (at least not native). Exe file is one of the most manipulable files from this world meaning that those who do evil can easily be "poison" the system by simple manipulation and modification of a file. exe. Luckily not on Ubuntu Linux! But if you really want to run. Exe in Linux you can do with Wine's help but not necessary. Ubuntu Linux are software enough to meet your needs.

3. To choose a wrong distribution.
Many make the mistake of choosing a wrong cast when they move to Linux. Imagine choosing a beginner Gentoo, Fedora or Slackware. I'm not saying they are good distributions, on the contrary, are very good but not to the novice. No popular distributions this means that you will not find helpful articles or discussions about them on the net where I'll hit a problem. For most beginners are recommended Linux Mint distribution, PinguyOS Ubuntu, Debian based distributions generally are easier. Linux wins here, gives each individual the freedom to choose your favorite distribution. Daily distributions arise in November based on needs and environments. fields. For example, there is a distribution called Ubuntu Studio, a distribution that comes with a lot of software dedicated to those who deal with audio editing, video or photo. Another Edubuntu distribution would be ideal for teachers, teachers, etc.. And the list goes on depending on the activity they have.

4. Do not find software for Linux
When I first installed Linux, the first direction was to go to the download site and download the software as I did in Windows. No need to go to sites to download software, that's for starters. On Linux, software come to you. Each distribution has included a package manager. The Ubuntu Linux software installs in a different way than Windows and you really need to repeat the warning here: LINUX IS NOT WINDOWS!

5. Made and saved to send documents in Open Office the default format using Microsoft Office.
Again it is a mistake. When you edit a document or create a new document in Open Office, when you save the document, it will be saved in Open Office format or default. will have to choose "Save as ..." to be able to change the extension / format of the document in Microsoft Office compatible. All individuals seen on the forums (even ubuntu.ro forum, calling itself the official representative of Ubuntu Romania) which instead of being clear with their users by wedging her neck iluzioneaza new users that Open Office is like Microsoft Office, it's free, they will not longer need Microsoft Office. TOTAL WRONG OpenOffice can replace Microsoft Office. Open Office is just an alternative to other word processors on the market. You longer need Microsoft Office, especially if you are a student. Even if I save documents in Open Office in a format supported by Microsoft Office files made open with Open Office and Microsoft Office will not show as often a note that will display all wrong, will have to rearrange it.

6. To avoid the command line, terminal
As I said in the 3 tutorials made by me on "introduction to Terminal many mistakes trying to avoid using the terminal. If you watch the show dedicated terminal, you will be convinced that it is not as difficult and probably impossible to imagine. Terminal help us very much and saves us precious time. It is not difficult if you have patience to read a bit about it, what we do with it. After all nobody is born to learn and let us consider how many of those who use Windows know or know how to really use it? Even using Windows and had to learn at some point, right? I see guys who argue the meaning of "aaa terminal is hard, we need to learn, to know the commands" Right, but you know the windows when you put your hand on the computer? lest you learned while hitting up every day, for one another? Everything you learn, just be patient and you will enjoy reading.

7. He will give up the fight too quickly
After several hours and sometimes after a few days, many people give up too easily and that for failing to read the documentation before you use the system. Have the false impression that it's just an operating system and that everything they know and apply in Windows to Linux. If something comes out, if you encounter problems, only guilty of these things is just not what it strikes at what is in front of your PC. On ubuntu.ro there is a whole documentation on the Ubuntu operating system written in Romanian. All distributions have materials on hand or guide either their website or on wikipedia is a downloadable pdf manual. Be rational and logical thinking. You do not like to fly an airplane without training school how do you not like to use an operating system to its foundations and not even read the main chapters devoted to new users. No more running from information, not flee to read! And when you encounter difficulties using the windows and go to google and search for troubleshooting, read the forums. Just proceed and if you use Ubuntu Linux or any other distribution. Most distributions have dedicated forum for support but will not be helped if you abuse their kindness and do not read the operating system documentation.

8. To believe that hierarchy and file folders in Windows is the same on Linux.
There are no syntax "C: \" in Ubuntu Linux or any other distribution. There are no C or D or E partition, there Programs Files, Registry Editor does not exist, and you know absolutely nothing from Windows. Ubuntu and other Linux distributions in general have a different hierarchy cutotul files. To better understand this issue will be made in the near future be a Videotutorial an article about it.

9. It updates the system delay.
As most Windows users use pirated version of the operating system, they have already reflex as the first thing you do after they install Windows, go to disable Automatic Updates. This is not true if you use Linux, regardless of the distribution. Distributions are Ubuntu Linux and other open source operating systems do not need a license key on installation. All software used by the operating system are free and open source all along. Updating the system are vital, even when using this operating system. The update system takes some fixes for possible security holes, they imbunataseste some modules, using its software updates, fix some problems, bringing new features and makes it more stable. There is no reason to run the update.

10. It will root.
Ubuntu and other distributions on root user is the ultimate user has all privileges to do anything you want into the OS. All distributions when installing Linux root user and create a 2nd user that will be yours to use it daily. Call to root and use it only in extreme cases and only when you can not otherwise make things work only with root privileges. Another reason that Linux is so safe is to create a limited user installation meaning that you can not do worse with limited rights on the system. To use root rights to fulfill certain tasks that can not be made by ordinary user, use su or sudo command but will not ever login as root.

11. He will miss the other windows in virtual desktops.
A big plus Ubuntu is able to work on multiple virtual desktops. But many do not understand the true role of the "bonus" and often lose windows on other Desktops believing that application, actually open on another desktop, but our presence in the current one, did not crash or good. Always be careful where you click and watch the indicator always located next to the trash in the bottom panel, the right to know where you are and what work Desktop. By default Ubuntu will set four Linux Desktops (workspaces) Virtual having the opportunity to be managed and organized in a way that will easily work on PC

12. Ignore security just because you use Linux.
Even if it's Linux, there are risks in any operating system, just as there are few or very few, but that does not mean to fall into the other extreme called ignorance. Read carefully and ask the opinion of a connoisseur to execute commands before you read on some sites in different text and video tutorials. Always read the comments at the article / tutorial to learn their views of other visitors, so you can tell if the author is correct or guidelines are meant to do harm. Safety is crucial whether you're using Linux, Mac OS X or Windows
These are the most common mistakes new users who want to use Linux. Many fall prey to these mistakes, but I putetii avoid them if you read this article till the end. Help others to avoid telling them about this article and guiding them to read it. Be calm, read, documents you and most importantly, be patient! We expect the comments section of this article with your opinions and things that you want to write on this site dedicated to Linux.

Ultimate Free Submitter

What can you do with this application:

* Possibility to use multiple profiles on the site,
* Save the created profile and its further opening,
* Multiple selection criteria web directories, all directories, all directories except those already submitted, select directories with a Page Rank, Select the directories that use a certain language interface,
* View the progress of promoting the site in real time
* Generate a report from the promotion site,
* Update the database of web directories,
* Suggesting a new web directory,
* Database management web directories.

Google: Ultimate Submitter Kit 3.7.1

Download File : http://www.brothersoft.com/ultimate-submitter-kit-437665.html

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9 Link Building Methods

Link building is always a help site that seeks to increase its audience, so I decided today to present 9 link building methods that present low risk or non-existent. Use them with your head!

1 - Internal links

Many developers do not put high value on internal links, but you should know better as a navigation set, helps in faster indexing sites, but most importantly, helps spiders to index the new information easier.

2 - Link Directories

Here everything is problematic. Besides Yahoo, DMOZ and yet few others, sometimes you can have bad results, if you put your site in directories that are categorized as spam. Some tests done, resulting in two personal sites to fall in ranks, and only sites submitted to Yahoo and DMOZ to grow.

3 - Links in comments

Simple huh? Find niche sites, posting comments with links, and go. Well, not quite so simple, because the road to be categorized as a spammer is quite short, especially if typical spam messages are posted. What could happen? You will receive renowned spammer.

4 - Links paid / sponsored posts

When can ... possible. It is a valid, does not involve spam, but you must be very careful who you pay to advertise through paid positions. The fact that you pay a spammer, increasing its traffic by spamming will not help at all.

5 -. Gov /. Edu

If you put your hand on something ... give backlinks from. edu or. gov is worth more.

6 - Social bookmarking

Digg / Reddit / Twitter - there are many systems of promotion, and I did a test for when I rubbed mint - one week I managed to get 1500 unique blog - on one condition - nice writing articles, writing about 10 per day All I did submit them, and people like them and remained on the site.
I left because I was bored, although it was a flour method, but ... for quality content is hard work.

7 - Link baiting

That's what adds to paragraph 6. Quality content. A well written article, an original video, a story well done, there will never unnoticed, and you can be transformed into a star overnight. The only problem is ... After you become a star, you're able to maintain the same level, and write brilliant all the same materials? Because if not ... star status you will be removed very quickly.

8 - Press release

When you consider that you have a product worth promoting, press releases help. Provides links backs and traffic, but more coverage, and reach different audiences.

9 - reciprocal links
Nothing to add here - "do link exchange chief?" We receive such mails daily. Here you just have to be careful who you link exchange, and check the contents carefully and is updated as often as the site that wishes to do link exchange.

How to inflate your site with visits & visitors using reddit

How to inflate your site with visits & visitors using reddit?

I thought to make public the method.
First of all, create an account on reddit. As you use an email address on 10minutemail temporary.
Make a new post and put the title to click something stupid, like "End of World", "Obama suicide" etc.. You can also use some more plausible or real. Go to URL link in your site, but use a shorter URL name in case the site does not inspire confidence (eg goo.gl). May 3-4 posts you like this, with links to your site (Attention! flood interval is 6 minutes I think).

This method brought me around 350 visitors per day. And I just made a post on reddit. In five well-placed positions of 1000 provided unique IPs. If you have a service and PPC is perfect.

Have fun!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

CityVille Cheat

I saw that someone had asked some time ago a Cheat to CityVille up.
This is a bot CityVille: CityVille Bot / / @ version 1.2 PWNTHIS for coins, buidings, Neighbours, energy and other nonsense ...

Explanation and details can be found on the site PWNTHIS and other methods to cheat.

Download CityVille Bot v1.2 http://www.mediafire.com/?2gwz680dssfqwde


1. You will need to uninstall CityVilleBot v1.1 first. Go to the installed folder and execute "unins000.exe"
2. It will ask if you want to uninstall CityVilleBot. Select Yes.
3. There may be some folders remaining. Select everything and delete them all. (Hint: Press DELETE on keyboard)
4. Once you have cleared the old bot, you can now install the new v1.2 CityVilleBot :)
5. Do NOT forget to run CityVilleBot.exe as administrator! Right click, select Run As Administrator to avoid bot errors.
6. Version 1.2 includes all the latest plugins, so you do not have to replace any files.
7. Steps to using the bot is included in this post: http://www.pwnthis.net/2010/12/cityville-cheats-coins-energy-exp.html
8. Have fun!

Android phones HTC Desire SIM-Unlock Utility

Well it's time to see a solution that allows decoding of "home" on Android phones, but now the procedure has been developed for HTC Desire, and uses a security mistake, but I wonder as to apply to other models PDAs on Android.
To work you must have a network other than the sim that is locked PDA.

SIM Unlock Utility v0.2

Burn the iso, boot it, power up your phone by pressing into HBOOT Both Vol-Down and Power and follow the Instructions.
Post your experiences here for F├╝rther development. Does the app require can root or off and it should work on radio and hboot Any version. (It has been Tested So Far HBOOT with up to up to 0.93.1000 and RADIO
It's based on Some vulnerabilities and undocumented features, disclosing Them Would it mean the Greater the chance of Them Being corrected.
I've only Desire Tested it on GSM and I Do Not recommend Using it on CDMA devices, doing Otherwise Could lead to unpredictable results.
Download File : http://www.multiupload.com/LWMKK7CG02

Guide Terminal Server - Remote desktop

I will describe how to find a little guide a Terminal Server service and perform a dictionary attack dintrun Linux.Metode system are many, here I will describe only one. I will use that tool for rdesktop 1.4.1. Linux will be added to make a patch for dictionary attack.
Rdesktop 1.4.1 pueti you find on the internet but this will put a link where you can take with tabs and a built-in patch


The first thing you need to do is to find a terminal server, which is a default on TCP port 3389

You can use the following command for Nmap, or depends on what scanner you use.


TerminalServer.txt-oN nmap-p 3389 - open

where instead of IPs you specify that you want to scanners. Nmap will save all tabs TerminalServer.txt meet.

Another command is:

PS3389-nmap-iR 0-p 3389 - open-oN TerminalServer.txt

instead of 0 put each ip you want to scan. (The default 0 will scan forever) And in this case saves everything TerminalService.txt Nmap, The - - is open to only show open service.

Once you have enough targets to phase No. 2 passing attack Dictionary.
Rdesktop-1.4.1.tar Download.
You have to remove the archive with the command

tar-xf rdesktop-1.4.1.tar

Then go where you opened the archive,

cd rdesktop-1.4.1

And give the following command for patch

patch-p1-i rdp-brute-force-r422.diff

Now you have to compile:

. / Configure




make install

after you have finished give rdesktop command and will show all the options.


rdesktop-u administrator-p pass.txt

dictionary of words which is pass.txt

An administator will set it so that some will allow only a few attempts and close the rest.
This is illegal, you should be licensed before doing a scan on any network.
Everything can be saved In a log file.
I wrote this guida informational purposes only knowing what makes the enemy can take action.

Hide IP Putty

Hide IP Putty
Did you know that when you surf the traffic could be intercepted? In this tutorial I will present a fairly good method you hide ip all you need is "putty" you can find on google and Portugal as compared to 443 a proxy https (secure connection)

After you have downloaded putty settings are simple ...
Write IP and port in Session window

Give a connection name in the Windows / Behavior

Connexion / Date - Write user and password

Here let NONE

Here you have checked the two options:
Do not start a shell or command at all - if not check serveru connection can not be made ​​for that serveru is not set to accept shell commands will interrupt the connection and thus must be checked

Here the first two options must be checked at the 1080 Source port Destination port chicken select option and then click on Add Dynamic

Save the settings created in the Session window where you put the server ip and port, to save session put any name then click save

Then click on OPEN and will result like this:

That was it!
You can download that will take over all traffic Proxyfier the browsers, etc.

The server I deleted the pictures for that is a private server (mine is) leave the place logs

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Printer Firmware:
Downloading the firmware from here: http://hotfile.com/dl/101989940/cb8424b/1660v30.rar.html
After that, the following commands. Operations:
1. Downloading the driver from the off. site and install the printer.
2. All usb devices except the printer must be turned off.
3. To seal the chip contacts (on the cartridge).
4. Cartridge in the printer
5. The printer is turned
6. Run f1660.exe
7. Push the V.30 patch firmware for flashing, window pops up, press any key. (If the f1660.exe not passed, then drag FIX_ML1665_V1.01.00.30.fls on usbprns2 and all)
8. printer noisily, shut it down (holding power button), then include
9. Scotch with chips are not removed.

I hope someone can help.

Breaking protocol radmin

In the beginning a little bit about radmin (for studies using the method of spear)

- The server stores the password hash in the registry:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ RAdmin \ v2.0 \ Server \ Param eters
"Parameter" = hex: 02, ba, 5e, 18,7 e, 25,89, be, 6f, 80, da, 00,46, aa, 7e, 3c / / password 12345678
Password encryption algorithm MD5, and the first password is supplemented with null characters up to 100 characters, then encrypted with the current
Check ... works!

- Help for radmin says:
"Radmin works in encrypted mode ... all data transmitted between computers is encrypted ... randomly generated key. Used 128-bit Twofish algorithm ..."
I think Mona believe developers ... Or not?

Run a sniffer, say Taffy ...
Packet contents (the data in hex) for authentication by password:

1) Client: 01 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 1B 1B - 10 bytes
2) Server: 01 00 00 00 21 A8 99 B4 A7 1B 2A 5F 62 5E 69 EA 5E 82 8C 1D 41 63 1E F7 B7 10 B7 9D 7D D2 0F 92 97 E8 C1 59 82 2E ED B1 56 51 - 42 bytes
3) Client: 01 00 00 00 21 89 2D 73 09 BC 5D 00 4E F9 3A CF 71 13 EA B4 D0 B0 F0 A8 F8 F7 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 - 42 bytes
4) Server: 01 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 0A 0A - 10 bytes

1) It looks like an ordinary team with code $ 1B1B, a proposal to authorize the
2) are likely key to encrypt packets
3) Your password! Or rather its hash (MD5 hash of the logic, as in the registry of the server), because size of the answer is always 26 bytes (not counting the 16 zeros).
4) The result of the authorization, $ 0A0A - okay, $ 0B0B - failure

sorters for "key" (2) and "zashifrovanovogo Password" (3) ... used component TDCP_twofish.
When transcripts (3) key (2) expected to find the MD5 hash of the password 12345678: 02 ba 5e 18 7e 25 89 be 6f 80 da 00 46 aa 7e 3c
did not work ... Why?

- Can not transmitted over the network MD5 hash of the password and some other thread, but just a hash
- Can not traffic is encrypted 128-bit

The Method for Unlock Modem

I want to talk about modems Huawei. There's absolutely free and legal way to unlock the modem from binding to OPSOSu (all non-believers in the fact that it is possible and all, please pass by and slow smoking on the sidelines).

Thus, the method, after which the modem will have the symmetry of all the operators (tested on a USB-modem Huawei E160G, honed under the BeeLine). After unlocking a symbol of all operators (tested with MegaFon, MTS, BeeLine). When using the above simkart modem connects at speeds of 236.8 Kbps, which corresponds to the standard EDGE. The connection is kept stable, it does not tear.

Sim card that came with your modem, you do not pull out of the box, and use it when needed.

In the modem can be directly insert the desired sim card. After that the modem is connected to a computer. The installation of drivers and programs "Beeline Internet Houses" (BID). After installation, run BID and immediately rugnetsya that you are using is not the SIM card, and closes. When repeated attempts to start it - the same way.
Do not despair, but through the program FAR go in Program Files \ Huawei E160G \ Beeline Internet Houses and find there a file atcomm.dll. Press F4, and then search through F7 CARDLOCK find the word and letters in this word is replaced by zeros. Leave remains. Everything. Now BID to start, does not swear and do not close. You can read incoming sms, but it will not be able to send (a nafig?).

At the same time to connect to the Internet through a BID even with the new profile you just created under the right of the operator will not succeed. You must create a connection manually, and enter the required settings for the modem. This information can be found on the official websites of the operators.

After a manually created connection, you can freely access the Internet. In this BID will take traffic. Through it, you can also disable the connection.

Think that's it? Err. Wants more, namely, checking the balance.
Since BID sends a standard request for Beeline to check the balance with the command * 102 #, it must be replaced by a command that is used for this purpose, the other operator. To do this, go through the FAR in the Program Files \ Huawei E160G \ Beeline Internet Houses \ plugins \ USSDUIPlugin and find there I've found USSDPluginConfig.xml. Open it and look through the F4 row

* 102 # .

In this line I * 102 # on the command. For example, I worked through the MTS (* 100 #). MegaFon-Siberia - it is * 100 #. MegaFon-Moscow * 102 #
After this there looking for a line

* 110 * 10 # .

Command * 110 * 10 # allows a Beeline to learn federal number of its SIM card. Change the command to the one you want. Close the file and stores.
Now, through a program of BID can check the balance and, if necessary, get your number.
The only thing you can not see through the BID, so is the level of the received signal.
Source unlock method: Rimid, Reference topic

People let this thread to all who need to wean the modem from OPSOSa, the results of unsubscribe in the subject. All the successful use of a modem!

Secret codes for Samsung Cellular Phone

Here is a small selection of codes prigaditsya you!

* # 06 # - shows the IMEI-code (International Mobile Equipment Identity)

* # 9999 # - shows the software version

* # 0837 # - shows the version of software (instructions)

* # 0001 # - shows the serial parameters

* # 0523 # - menu, adjust the display

* # 9998 * 228 # - Battery status (capacity, voltage, temperature)

* # 9998 * 289 # - Change the frequency of calls

* # 9998 * 324 # - Screen Debugger

* # 9998 * 523 # - change the display contrast (only for G60RL01W)

* # 9998 * 636 # - status of memory

* # 9998 * 746 # - SIM-size file

* # 9998 * 842 # - Test Vibrator (backlight blinking for 10 seconds and vibration activated)

Epson nSX215 D Driver Software

You can download the driver from there.

Go to: http://www.epson.com/cgi-bin/Store/support/SupportIndex.jsp?BV_UseBVCookie=yes&infoType=Overview&oid=-16521&iref=printerhub_support_allinones
Select the printer's brand. Then, select the operating system of your computer. Download the driver. Install it. Just follow the on-screen instructions.

Tutorialboz - Ipod touch shows up as a camera

Ipod touch shows up as a camera and i have tried site user ekse's solution but when i go to upload driver i can't find any thing other than my ipod as a camera?

Solution for the problem :
1. First off you need to have iTunes installed and the ipod touch plugged in and recognized as 'something' e.g. digital camera (it shouldn't really matter what it's recognized as, but it needs to be found by windows).
2. Search for usbaapl in the C:\WINDOWS system folder: o open windows explorer (e.g. Right-click Start and then click 'explore') o right-click the WINDOWS folder and select 'Search'). o type in usbaapl and hit Search - try to ignore the dog! You should find the driver info in a sub folder of C:\WINDOWS\system32\DRVSTORE e.g. C:\WINDOWS\system32\DRVSTORE\usbaapl_A65621D65F5B7507DD7B22331826547BDD2D206B Remember that location (either leave the search box open or copy the folder name into note pad - you'll need it later) If you don't find usbaapl.sys, usbaapl.inf etc. then your drivers have not been installed with the iTunes install and you'll have to reinstall iTunes.

3. Locate the ipod-camera device: o Open the device manager, e.g. using Start > Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > System > Hardware Tab > Device Manager o Look for a device called 'ipod' - if your ipod shows up as 'digital camera' it will be under something like 'imaging devices'.
4. Update the driver: o Right click the 'ipod-camera' in device manager and click on 'Update Driver' - the Hardware Update Wizard will open. o Check the 'Install from a list or specific location' then click 'Next' o Check 'Search for the best driver in these locations'. Un-check 'Search removable media' and check 'Include this location in the search'. In the text box below type (or better copy and paste) the folder containing the ipod driver information found in step 1 (in the example above it was C:\WINDOWS\system32\DRVSTORE\usbaapl_A65621D65F5B7507DD7B22331826547BDD2D206B), then click Next. You should now see something like 'Apple ipod device driver' or so. Continue installing that device. Once the driver has been installed the ipod will come to life and iTunes (if you have it open) will show it.

P.S.:if you didn't find the updated drive in STEP1 you can try to find the updated drive file in C:\windows\system32\drivestore\FileRepository\usbappl.inf

problem with ipod touch is disabled

You must a follow the next steps :

1. Turn off your iPod.
2. Hold on the menu button for a 5 secs.
3. While your are pressing the th button connect the iPod to the USB cable already connected to the PC with the iTunes opened.
4. iTunes send you a message that says: "iTunes has detected and iPod in recovery mode an you have to restore before using with iTunes".
5. Just wait a little to get the iPod restored.

Samsung Star GT-S5233 Cell Phone If you want to block unwanted callers from calling

try this solution to block a particular mobile number, if the contact is saved in your phonebook, do these.
1. press menu,
2. select settings
3. select application settings
4. select call
5. select all calls
6. select auto reject
7. scroll down and select reject list and add number.
8. select search and it will give an option
9. select from two options, call log and phonebook
10 select phonebook (this is because the numbers were saved in your phonebook)
11, once set and configured, check and enable auto activation
12. click save and exit the settings.

if the contacts is not on your phonebook.
follow the steps 1-9 but step 10 will be your call log not the phone book.
10. select call log
11. it will give you the phone numbers of all the person who contacted you, including those who sent you a message,
12. at the right upper corner you will see all, filter it through received message and it will give you those who sent you messages.
13. select from the contacts or numbers from the list.
14, select and enable auto activation
15, select save and exit the menu

Gateway E-475M Battery won't fully charge

Battery won't fully charge. Max charge seems to be slowly going down. First noticed charging light coming on intermittently but battery only reached about 93%. 4 days later and the max charging seems to be at about 89%. I have tried two different power adapters with the same results. Laptop seems to have decent up time when running on battery.

Problem Solved :

To double check, you can do the following:

1. Disconnect adapter and run battery completely dead.
2. Reconnect adapter and let charge for at leasst 12 hours OR until battery displays 100% charge.

If it still won't charge to 100%, then you know for sure the battery is defective/worn out..
If you want to know more about this, look on wikipedia for: "Laptop Battery Lifespan" or "Laptop Battery Memory Charging"

Friday, April 15, 2011

If you have Problem with nokia n70 display headset

If you have Problem with nokia n70 display headset enhancement icon even if i don't attached any headset on it,you can't hear any sound from you phone and if you use video too and no audio is recorded, you can try this problem solved.
Switchoff your Phone and Switch it ON.
Still same Try to Plugin your Headset and Remove it. Again you face same Go to settings> Restore Factory Settings>Enter Phone Code[Default is 12345 if not changed earlier-All 'phone data will be lost-Backup it to MMC before doing it].