Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Method for Unlock Modem

I want to talk about modems Huawei. There's absolutely free and legal way to unlock the modem from binding to OPSOSu (all non-believers in the fact that it is possible and all, please pass by and slow smoking on the sidelines).

Thus, the method, after which the modem will have the symmetry of all the operators (tested on a USB-modem Huawei E160G, honed under the BeeLine). After unlocking a symbol of all operators (tested with MegaFon, MTS, BeeLine). When using the above simkart modem connects at speeds of 236.8 Kbps, which corresponds to the standard EDGE. The connection is kept stable, it does not tear.

Sim card that came with your modem, you do not pull out of the box, and use it when needed.

In the modem can be directly insert the desired sim card. After that the modem is connected to a computer. The installation of drivers and programs "Beeline Internet Houses" (BID). After installation, run BID and immediately rugnetsya that you are using is not the SIM card, and closes. When repeated attempts to start it - the same way.
Do not despair, but through the program FAR go in Program Files \ Huawei E160G \ Beeline Internet Houses and find there a file atcomm.dll. Press F4, and then search through F7 CARDLOCK find the word and letters in this word is replaced by zeros. Leave remains. Everything. Now BID to start, does not swear and do not close. You can read incoming sms, but it will not be able to send (a nafig?).

At the same time to connect to the Internet through a BID even with the new profile you just created under the right of the operator will not succeed. You must create a connection manually, and enter the required settings for the modem. This information can be found on the official websites of the operators.

After a manually created connection, you can freely access the Internet. In this BID will take traffic. Through it, you can also disable the connection.

Think that's it? Err. Wants more, namely, checking the balance.
Since BID sends a standard request for Beeline to check the balance with the command * 102 #, it must be replaced by a command that is used for this purpose, the other operator. To do this, go through the FAR in the Program Files \ Huawei E160G \ Beeline Internet Houses \ plugins \ USSDUIPlugin and find there I've found USSDPluginConfig.xml. Open it and look through the F4 row

* 102 # .

In this line I * 102 # on the command. For example, I worked through the MTS (* 100 #). MegaFon-Siberia - it is * 100 #. MegaFon-Moscow * 102 #
After this there looking for a line

* 110 * 10 # .

Command * 110 * 10 # allows a Beeline to learn federal number of its SIM card. Change the command to the one you want. Close the file and stores.
Now, through a program of BID can check the balance and, if necessary, get your number.
The only thing you can not see through the BID, so is the level of the received signal.
Source unlock method: Rimid, Reference topic

People let this thread to all who need to wean the modem from OPSOSa, the results of unsubscribe in the subject. All the successful use of a modem!

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