Monday, April 18, 2011

9 Link Building Methods

Link building is always a help site that seeks to increase its audience, so I decided today to present 9 link building methods that present low risk or non-existent. Use them with your head!

1 - Internal links

Many developers do not put high value on internal links, but you should know better as a navigation set, helps in faster indexing sites, but most importantly, helps spiders to index the new information easier.

2 - Link Directories

Here everything is problematic. Besides Yahoo, DMOZ and yet few others, sometimes you can have bad results, if you put your site in directories that are categorized as spam. Some tests done, resulting in two personal sites to fall in ranks, and only sites submitted to Yahoo and DMOZ to grow.

3 - Links in comments

Simple huh? Find niche sites, posting comments with links, and go. Well, not quite so simple, because the road to be categorized as a spammer is quite short, especially if typical spam messages are posted. What could happen? You will receive renowned spammer.

4 - Links paid / sponsored posts

When can ... possible. It is a valid, does not involve spam, but you must be very careful who you pay to advertise through paid positions. The fact that you pay a spammer, increasing its traffic by spamming will not help at all.

5 -. Gov /. Edu

If you put your hand on something ... give backlinks from. edu or. gov is worth more.

6 - Social bookmarking

Digg / Reddit / Twitter - there are many systems of promotion, and I did a test for when I rubbed mint - one week I managed to get 1500 unique blog - on one condition - nice writing articles, writing about 10 per day All I did submit them, and people like them and remained on the site.
I left because I was bored, although it was a flour method, but ... for quality content is hard work.

7 - Link baiting

That's what adds to paragraph 6. Quality content. A well written article, an original video, a story well done, there will never unnoticed, and you can be transformed into a star overnight. The only problem is ... After you become a star, you're able to maintain the same level, and write brilliant all the same materials? Because if not ... star status you will be removed very quickly.

8 - Press release

When you consider that you have a product worth promoting, press releases help. Provides links backs and traffic, but more coverage, and reach different audiences.

9 - reciprocal links
Nothing to add here - "do link exchange chief?" We receive such mails daily. Here you just have to be careful who you link exchange, and check the contents carefully and is updated as often as the site that wishes to do link exchange.

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