Sunday, April 17, 2011

CityVille Cheat

I saw that someone had asked some time ago a Cheat to CityVille up.
This is a bot CityVille: CityVille Bot / / @ version 1.2 PWNTHIS for coins, buidings, Neighbours, energy and other nonsense ...

Explanation and details can be found on the site PWNTHIS and other methods to cheat.

Download CityVille Bot v1.2 http://www.mediafire.com/?2gwz680dssfqwde


1. You will need to uninstall CityVilleBot v1.1 first. Go to the installed folder and execute "unins000.exe"
2. It will ask if you want to uninstall CityVilleBot. Select Yes.
3. There may be some folders remaining. Select everything and delete them all. (Hint: Press DELETE on keyboard)
4. Once you have cleared the old bot, you can now install the new v1.2 CityVilleBot :)
5. Do NOT forget to run CityVilleBot.exe as administrator! Right click, select Run As Administrator to avoid bot errors.
6. Version 1.2 includes all the latest plugins, so you do not have to replace any files.
7. Steps to using the bot is included in this post: http://www.pwnthis.net/2010/12/cityville-cheats-coins-energy-exp.html
8. Have fun!

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