Sunday, April 17, 2011

Guide Terminal Server - Remote desktop

I will describe how to find a little guide a Terminal Server service and perform a dictionary attack dintrun Linux.Metode system are many, here I will describe only one. I will use that tool for rdesktop 1.4.1. Linux will be added to make a patch for dictionary attack.
Rdesktop 1.4.1 pueti you find on the internet but this will put a link where you can take with tabs and a built-in patch


The first thing you need to do is to find a terminal server, which is a default on TCP port 3389

You can use the following command for Nmap, or depends on what scanner you use.


TerminalServer.txt-oN nmap-p 3389 - open

where instead of IPs you specify that you want to scanners. Nmap will save all tabs TerminalServer.txt meet.

Another command is:

PS3389-nmap-iR 0-p 3389 - open-oN TerminalServer.txt

instead of 0 put each ip you want to scan. (The default 0 will scan forever) And in this case saves everything TerminalService.txt Nmap, The - - is open to only show open service.

Once you have enough targets to phase No. 2 passing attack Dictionary.
Rdesktop-1.4.1.tar Download.
You have to remove the archive with the command

tar-xf rdesktop-1.4.1.tar

Then go where you opened the archive,

cd rdesktop-1.4.1

And give the following command for patch

patch-p1-i rdp-brute-force-r422.diff

Now you have to compile:

. / Configure




make install

after you have finished give rdesktop command and will show all the options.


rdesktop-u administrator-p pass.txt

dictionary of words which is pass.txt

An administator will set it so that some will allow only a few attempts and close the rest.
This is illegal, you should be licensed before doing a scan on any network.
Everything can be saved In a log file.
I wrote this guida informational purposes only knowing what makes the enemy can take action.

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