Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hide IP Putty

Hide IP Putty
Did you know that when you surf the traffic could be intercepted? In this tutorial I will present a fairly good method you hide ip all you need is "putty" you can find on google and Portugal as compared to 443 a proxy https (secure connection)

After you have downloaded putty settings are simple ...
Write IP and port in Session window

Give a connection name in the Windows / Behavior

Connexion / Date - Write user and password

Here let NONE

Here you have checked the two options:
Do not start a shell or command at all - if not check serveru connection can not be made ​​for that serveru is not set to accept shell commands will interrupt the connection and thus must be checked

Here the first two options must be checked at the 1080 Source port Destination port chicken select option and then click on Add Dynamic

Save the settings created in the Session window where you put the server ip and port, to save session put any name then click save

Then click on OPEN and will result like this:

That was it!
You can download that will take over all traffic Proxyfier the browsers, etc.

The server I deleted the pictures for that is a private server (mine is) leave the place logs

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