Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Talk for free, no one can intercept your (record)

Hello everyone ...
I go directly to the subject.
May we soon learned from CNV as many phones as withdrawn from the market because they have a bug in a simple phone call can turn into a phone like the Nokia 1110, I did not mind because I knew that in that phase with 1110 nothing was repaired and now you have that phone.
After a month I was able to keep that phone in hand and I could not believe what your phone can do.
When you call on that phone and hears the tone that callers press a button and hear what is vb around without answer your phone, or when you call and activate the bug to listen to what is vb everything that goal without being charged. Now the thing is you can not be registered or intercepted (a word) you can not hear the phone every rule or SRI DIICOT etc. But this does not interest me at the moment when the bug is activated (refer here to those who have experience) EMI screen displays phone call or that you call. Phone bug is EMI and I understand that if you can hear live cloned that vb tel. ADK whom you can listen to what vb tel.
The phone is simple some of you probably already know and for those who do not know a few months to know when to sell a $ 10,000.
Frankly in my phone company that produced it should be closed for the safety of all. I've seen on television at various VIPs in parliament phone up even now I figured out why.
All you say is the text by me.

I already bought two pieces work perfectly, but EMI's cloning I know.
If I can help with the NSC to write programs that can help you phone software with more information.

It does not really say I sold my bag or just a good offer made in March to give them as ADK so you can listen to or listen to talk without you.
As I said, everything is tested.
You can free vb max 30 s.
you to talk without being intercepted and 30
vb illegal can listen to people calling you or those you call without having to answer or answer phone. (and without being charged)
Waiting for your questions.
We returned in addition, PTR can also use the TAM finding exactly what was nokia 1110.

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